Our Titles….

Those we give ourselves, those society brands us with.

Those we create in our heads,

Those we assume everyone calls us by,

Those we give to others: fat, too thin, too tall, too short, imbecile(once I hear that one I switch off)not organized, not rich, not posh, no future ambition, not intelligent, olodo, not married, divorced, single mother, housewife, drop out, left her husband, jobless!

These tags may not always be true, the shade of gray in between the “white and black”. The individual struggles everyone goes through, just to make sure ends meet or sha some corners come close, not every time do these ends meet shaaaa. Be kind to the person beside you. Label people less, Judge not so you will not be judged.

Be kinder to the person driving in that mad traffic with you.



Being Gone for so Long

Got a mail notification from my Word press account and wow…Read through old posts at one learning period of my life and wow!!!!Girl have you grown.

I lost every thing I held as my own values, goals,I lost it all.

I am gradually growing, gaining (or regaining) my confidence, my smiles, my self esteem.

Thank you for this reminder. Looking forward to this new stage of me-ness.



My hallelujah belongs to you.

All of my praises belongs to you.

All of me belongs to you.

When I think of all you do in my life,for me and through me..thank You Lord..



Some day, in the not too distant future there may arise the need to tuola ndi mmadu mmehe ha nihu nihu!

Just saying, I still think that there is need to accuse Mr XYZ to his face, of the pain he inadvertently caused.

All this notion of letting bygones be bygones…deep sigh..it only makes people feel they are indestructible joor. All this hold your peace,I leave am for God-really gets frustrating jare.. But then again…the bible says in the last days…men will become lovers of themselves. I see that played out so much these day 

Easy girl.


Today was another character building day. But in it all I still got my daily dose of miracles, those little events,things, occurence that shatter every iota of doubt you may have in your heart that of a truth there is  God.

You are God alone,from before time began..

You are God alone,you are on your throne..

Unchangeable, unshakeable..that’s who you are.

Praying,praise: Acts 16: Paul and Silas prayed… 

My little mustard seed faith..growing day by day. I experience his mercy daily, He doesn’t need anybody’s permission.



think about it…

Why does it seem as if while one person is praising and jubilating another is in tear;

While a baby was born in one househould another is lost in another;

Mr A is celebrating a new job, a raise..another is mourning the loss of his job, business..

One baby is born healthy,no complications with ten fingers and toes,two eyes,a cute nose lips,two ears…but on the same ward,the pediatric doctors surround another neely delivered mother and tell her,madam your baby has cerebral palsy,will not lead a normal (what they term normal) life…

One is getting married,another just lost her husband of barely 2 weeks to a drunk truck driver,fleeing from traffic officers.. A time to be born, a time to die, a time to be happy, a time to be sad, a time to plant and a time to refrain from planting.

But in all this God is still God..never changing,never failing….


Is it Right

When really is fair, right….

That a thing is legal, is right,doesn’t make it fair sha…

Numbers 14:28

Service today at RCCG Morning Star Assembly.

I fulfill purpose
I enjoy the ministry of angels
I am the salt of the earth,
I am healthy,sickness cannot stay in my body.
I have a glorious future
I choose heaven
I am God’s representative.
I am above alone.
I am a royal priesthood,a cjosen generation.
I shall not borrow, I shall testify..

Pastor Gbenga Ogunnaike


God is so big,so awesome…He is not limited by what I am,where I am,He isn’t limited by my situation,my finances,my fears..He remains God…

He is good,He is awesome inspiye of it all…

Happy  Sunday nu..